Eugene Remodel

Eugene Remodel
We just opened our doors at our 5th Avenue location in Eugene!  This remodel was a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy the images below!

First let's look at the before pics!  This is how our counter looked with it's old 90's design.  That laminate was sooo 90's!

And our space was cluttered with retail shelving.  The place was also very stark white, and not very warm or inviting.  That's why we wanted to do this remodel!

So we put on our protective gear and jumped right into it!

We closed on July 16th.

We started by taping off our windows and trim.

We prepped for a whole new coat of paint to go on the walls.

Being inside a national historic building. "The Pacific Cooperative Bldg." (read here), we wanted to make sure we preserved the natural beauty of this old 1928 building.  Contractors came to patch the walls and floors.

White spray paint was applied to all the walls except for one.

We chose that one wall to be accented in a Cajun Red color.  

We also painted our pillars with a new coat of Butter Cream color!

Working together to get those hard to reach spots!

With the painting finished we began prepping the floors for their resurfacing.  We washed them to loosen any grim or particles before the contractors sanded.  We also got to work with our pallet wood.

Our IT Systems Administrator is a bit of a hobby carpenter.  He helped us install the pallet wood at our Salem Remodel.  Once again he's putting the pallet wood on our condiment bar and front counter!  We recycled 52 pallets for this remodel to cover the counter and condiment bar.

Majestic isn't he!  

Looking pretty sweet.  The hardest part was making multiple cuts to curve the wood around the bar.  Time well spent.

After finishing the pallet wood around the bar the floor sanding begins!  Damage to the historic banana wood floors were patched, sanded, stained and sealed overnight.

Now THAT is a good looking floor!

After the floor we started hanging the canvas frames!
These frames were hand made by our team; wrapped ourselves with love and memories.  We commemorate the last 45 years of Allan's history by featuring our customers and staff!

Working together to make level and precise placements.  You're doing awesome!

Out with the old and in with the new! 
We replaced our old Conti Espresso machine with our new Victoria Arduino VA358 White Eagle!  We love calling her Vicky!  Vicky is very pretty and super hot!  And we mean that in the 'espresso is hot' kind of way. 

Close up of the White Eagle medallion.

With the canvas hung, the floors resurfaced, the walls painted and the pallet wood attached.  It was time for arranging seating and setting up our retail.

We moved our coffee plant next to our history wall which showcases our company history.  Here you can see the original patent of our 1939 Jabez Burns Jubilee Roaster - which we use to this day for every roast of coffee that Allan's produces.

We removed one of our deli cases to make room for our new retail shelving.  Our new 12oz bags we released on July 16th look amazing and we're thrilled about this new display.  Moving the retail to the counter space really opens up our seating for customers too!

Only one last thing was needed.  

Careful to outline the logo...

Staying within the lines...

We had a custom wood burned sign of our new logo and brand made!

Which now proudly hangs above our finished remodel!

We opened the doors on July 23rd to happy faces on staff and customers.  Many were in shock at how amazing the place looked!

Final photo's of the remodel.

Be on the lookout for our next remodel!  

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