Salem Remodel

Salem Remodel
Our Downtown Salem Coffeehouse was long due for a remodel.   Everyone pitched in to make this happen with passion and sweat.  So let's jump in!

The old interior was very dated. The walls, pillars, and balcony seating areas needed new paint and a splash of color.  The lighting in the whole interior also needed an upgrade.  It was far too dark.
To get going, we cleared furniture away from the walls and began taping off.  Prepping before painting was important so we didn't have to worry about a lot of touch up work.  
We patched holes in the walls from years of hanging community artists best paintings, and began the remodel by splashing our accent wall in a red paint.
We then started sanding down the railing.  
Oh man!  She's rearing to go!
Steady hands get the job done!
We popped the old counter top off to make way for a new, modern granite countertop.

All the while, we catered to our customers outfront.  Free coffee and pastries for anyone who wished to sneak a peak at our progress!

Testing the stain on a short run of the railing.
Now we moved to painting the other walls.  White made a huge difference! 
Travis checking to see if the plaster has dried and can be painted.
Nick and Andy, hanging out under the bar!
Anny gets the small hard to reach spots.
Levon levels out the counter before the installers arrive. 
Our new condiment bar arrives!
We recycled 84 shipping pallets to create the pattern and design of our new modern look.  Our colors reflect our new art deco branding, which pays tribute to our vintage look from the late 80's and early 90's.

At the same time as our pallet wood arrived, we had our new countertops delivered and installed!
Looking pretty awesome!
After about 3 hours the pallet wood was installed on the front of the counters, and our Arduino White Eagle espresso machine was installed.

We also got our new custom, hand made retail shelving and began setting up our hot new Allan's Merch!
That tea display is looking sharp!

We wanted to lighten up the place by removing the old cool-colored lights and so we replaced them with Edison styled LED bulbs in cool pipe fixtures.  We donated our old light fixtures to Habitat for Humanity.
Almost finished, we had one last thing to do.  And that was hanging our canvas photos!  We collected thousands of pictures these past 45+ years from employees, partners, customers and our adventures around the world.  We wanted to feature all these amazing people we've met along the way in a living wall display.  Our canvas prints will cycle in and out with new images each year.  We also love it when customers send us their pictures.  So come in and take a look, you never know - you might be on the wall!  


With our new sign installed on the front of the coffeehouse, we opened our doors to bright eyed customers!
Ready to Serve!
Three customers take a pose in front of our pallet wall
Even the local News station came and wanted a scoop on our remodel!
We couldn't be more thrilled with our new look, and we hope you have a chance to come to our Grand Opening in August!  Be sure to join our event on our Facebook for any last minute updates! 

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