Maya Chai

$ 55.00

An authentic, rich, and delectably smooth chai recipe, with a keen balance of sugar and spice.

We know how busy you are. That’s why our chai can be stored right on the countertop, where you need it. That’s also why we sell a
1oz pump with the bottle—one pump measures one ounce of chai, and that’s all it takes to make a twelve-ounce drink. Just add milk, steam or ice, and serve!

·11:1 Concentrate; Only 1-oz needed for a 12-oz serving
·Easy to use 1-oz pump (sold separately)
·Shelf-stable – No refrigeration necessary

Our heavy concentration saves you time, money and space. You only have to buy and store one bottle of our chai for the power to make sixty-four drinks. And, if you go through it quickly, you can purchased it in a case (6 bottles) at a time.

·No refrigeration = more space for Milk
·Yield per ½ gallon = 64 drinks (12-oz)
·Yield per case = Six ½ gallons (384 drinks)

Chai Freeze

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