Hilyard Mini Remodel

Hilyard Mini Remodel

Last week we announced the closing of our historic 5th Avenue location.  We have received a tremendous amount of support from you!  Thank you Eugene!  Thanks to your suggestions using the Opportunity@AllansCoffee.com email, we have found a few locations that might be our new home!  While we check in to those places to make sure they are the best fit for us, please continue sending us your suggestions!  

Remember, we are not leaving Eugene!  We have our other cafe located at the corner of Hilyard & 24th near the Very Little Theater and Roosevelt Middle School.  Be sure to come visit us! 
Click Here for Directions: 2465 Hilyard St, Eugene, OR 97405


Because we knew a lot of you will be coming to our Hilyard & 24th location, we ramped up the crew and remodeled the inside this week!  Closing at 2pm Monday - Thursday (11/5-11/8) we repainted the inside and installed our lovely pallet boards and canvas picture frames.

First let's look at our Before Images.

We really wanted to lighten up the space because it looked small and dark, so we started by painting some of the walls and the ceiling white.

Left to Right, Jackie and Makiena having fun painting their names on the wall!

Cheyanne be rollin', they be hatin'!  😂



Here'a a great picture of Cheyanne (left) and Jackie (right) taping off and rolling paint behind the equipment bar.  

We have some talented people!  Here's a rendition of Nintendo's Yoshi eating a Goomba!  The abstract lines of this piece really pulls at the philosophical meaning of life.  Truly one of a kind! 

Working diligently, we covered the purple sections of the cafe in black to give a strong juxtaposition to our white walls.  Here is Robert working on the edges, detailing them around the window and pillar.

Once the painting was completed, it was time to get to the pallet wood.  Here is Billy making sure his cuts are on the mark!

With the help of Julie sorting the pallet wood pieces, and Billy cutting and nailing into place, this remodel went very quickly!

Meanwhile, Robert was placing our canvas photo frames on the walls.

We stopped to look at our coffee plant and noticed we had out of season coffee berries growing on it!  How cool is that!

And finally we were finished!  Look at that front counter!  Amazing!

We are excited and proud of the mini transformation of this store, and we look forward to seeing you!  This location is not finished being remodeled though.  We will be making changes to our chairs, tables and lighting in the coming week, as well changing our food choices and retail displays in the next couple of weeks.  






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