Frequently Asked Questions

How do you roast your coffee?

Each green coffee is hand-picked and sorted for impurities. We then roast our coffee in a 1939 Jabez Burns Roaster. Meticulous attention is given to each micro batch to ensure uniformity and consistency. Upon completion of the roasting process, each batch is stirred and air cooled, allowing each bean to return to room temperature at an even rate.


Do you flavor your coffee?

We do not flavor our coffees. In fact the roasting process releases the natural coffee oils and sugars inside the bean which creates a unique flavor profile.  These flavor profiles can vary by coffee tree variety, where it was grown, and how the roast is performed.  We provide tasting notes on our bags to define the flavors you could experience when drinking our coffees.  An earthy coffee may have a nutty or chocolate flavor, sometimes sweet like caramel.  A fermented coffee can have a wine or alcohol taste, with sour notes.  A fruity coffee will have hints of citrus or berry ranging from blackberry to pear.  To learn more about coffee flavor profiles, click here


How can I get discounts for my order?

You can get a quick discount by signing up for the Allan's Newsletter. We also do a monthly coffee day sale with savings anywhere from 20%-35%. Or you can sign up for a subscription and save 10%.  To sign up for the Newsletter click here 


What do the dates on the bags mean?

If you purchase a bag from our website, the date on the bag represents the day the coffee was roasted.  This is the best way to receive the freshest coffee possible since each bag ordered online is roasted on demand .  We recommend consuming your coffee within 8 weeks of this roast date.

If you purchase a bag from Allan's Cafe then the date on the bag represents the Best By date.  The Best By date means your coffee will be just as good as the day it was roasted.  It's our quality policy to never sell coffee beyond it's Best By date.  Once the Best By date has passed we remove the coffee from our cafe shelves.  


Do you ship internationally?

We ship to both Canada and Mexico at this time.  International shipments do not qualify for free shipping.