Then and Now

In the beginning, there was coffee

As a young man, Allan Stuart visited Europe and spent hours in local coffeehouses drinking espressos. When he returned to Oregon he found the coffee quality quite different than what he was used to drinking and he wanted to know why. That curiosity has turned into a lifetime mission of providing the best quality gourmet coffee available.

By perfecting the roasting, storing, grinding and preparation process, Allan developed a European style coffee that quickly gained a loyal local following.

 In 1972, Allan opened the first Beanery Coffeehouse and formed Allann Bros Coffee Roasters. Today there are eight Coffeehouses statewide in Eugene, Albany, Corvallis and Salem. Our multi-faceted headquarters in Albany houses our roasting facilities, warehouse and distribution, bakery, and kitchen where our products are shipped worldwide. Whenever possible, we support Oregon communities by using local vendors. By using Oregon businesses as suppliers, we maintain a high level of quality that is hard to match.

There was still more to do

In 1996, the absence of quality syrups that were available motivated Allan to start a beverage syrup branch of the company.

 Allan's grandfather, Abe Entner, owned a bottling plant in Peekskill, NY. It was here that Allan first learned about syrup making. With his drive for perfection and fiercely independent nature, it was not unusual for him to run hundreds of test batches before being satisfied.

 Along with the line of natural syrups, we also have premium coffee concentrates, proprietary chocolates, sauces and Chai Tea. Allan also works as a consultant for customers and provides private labeling and custom bottling services.


Continuing, one cup at a time

Allan maintains hands-on involvement in the development of all new and existing products, from coffee and tea to syrups, chocolate and baked goods. He strives to produce a product that is a cut above everyone else, and delivered to the customer with prompt and friendly service. Each and every customer is important and deserves the best service we can give. To Allan and all of us here, the fun of business is when someone tastes our products and says Wow!