How we Roast

Only the Best Coffee

Allann Brothers Coffee imports only prime, high altitude grown Arabica varietals from the most fertile and renowned coffee growing regions on earth. The company's founder and president, Allan Stuart, has visited all of these coffee-growing regions and has developed long term relationships with the coffee growers. Allan pre-selects all of Allann Brothers Coffee's varietals by hand, evaluating them for their size, shape, balance and uniformity.

Our Roasting Process

At Allann Brothers Coffee, we fire roast our coffee in a 1939 Jabez Burns Roaster. With fire roasted coffee, the coffee beans are roasted from the inside out. Fire roasting is usually done in small batches, which gives the roast master more control over the whole coffee roasting process. The roaster has a perforated drum, which allows all of the chaff to be separated from the roasted coffee, giving the coffee a clean, unburned taste.

Our Cooling Method

Air-cooling is the only method of cooling that Allann Brothers Coffee employs. The air-cooling method sends the coffee beans into a large circular container, where the freshly roasted coffee beans are constantly stirred. Using the air-cooling method cools the freshly roasted coffee beans at a slower and more uniform rate. This helps ensure that the coffee beans are not compromised and remain intact.

Post-Roast Blending

After each coffee bean varietal is separately roasted to its best profile, the coffee beans are then blended. By blending the coffee beans post-roasting, each blend has a cleaner and more consistent flavor. At Allann Brothers Coffee, all of our coffee blends are blended post-roast.

Packing Process

At Allann Brothers Coffee, we guarantee that you will receive coffee that is freshly roasted. To ensure that you receive freshly roasted coffee, the day that you place your coffee order is the day that we roast your coffee. Your coffee order is then packaged and shipped within 36 hours. We do not store roasted coffee in our warehouse for extended periods of time, assuring that you have the freshest cup of coffee possible.